Autonomous Smart Desk – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Review

With school being right around the corner, it’s about that time to shop for a desk that’s suitable for a student, which is why we’re looking at the Autonomous Smart Desk – Height-Adjustable Autonomous Desk review. While this desk may not be the best fit for the hardcore gamer or anyone who’s using more than one monitor ideally, this is a pretty reliable desk and in this Autonomous desk review we wanted to give you a little insight on who the desk is for and what kind of features it has. Overall, it’s well polished and isn’t meant to be flashy or take up too much space. It’s also height adjustable as well, so if you get tired of sitting down or standing, you can adjust the desk accordingly.

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The design of this Autonomous Smart Desk uses a couple of unique features to help it stand out from other desks in this market. First, there’s the base of the desk and how the base is supported. There are two little feet on the bottom of each base on each side. These bases are smooth and won’t leave an indent on the floor. Then, there’s the design of the legs which help the desk seamlessly move up and down, depending on what height you’d like the desk set at. The top of the table is designed with a sleek walnut look and is smooth to the touch. 


With the height range, you’d think that there would be more stress on the legs but it evens out the weight and stress evenly thanks to the bottom base of the desk and the metallic material used in the construction. While we don’t recommend putting heavy things on top of the desk, we couldn’t find any real limitations on what the desk could hold or couldn’t hold. It’s a great general use computer desk or Gaming desk that can hold a monitor and other essentials for your work or your schoolwork. We haven’t found any kind of drawback when it comes to the durability of the desk and we think it’ll last for a long time if you treat it right.

Smart Autonomous Desk

Autonomous SmartDesk


  • Has a powerful motor packed inside that will help move the desk up and down in an instant, with no delay or reaction time
  • The keypad on the table is what guides the desk and there’s no complicated tools or hand cranks to adjust the desk height
  • Allows people to stand or sit, which can be a nice positive promotion of healthy habits while working or gaming, because it’s important to stretch once in a while
  • There’s a DIY kit included in the packaging of this desk that allows you to get it up and running in a hurry
  • The Autonomous standing desk overall doesn’t weigh much so it’s easy to move around the house if you ever want to move it 


  • The construction of the material can take a little while if it’s something you’re not used to as the instructions are very concise with how it should be done

Buying Advice

Was Funded Independently – Autonomous Smart Desk was featured on Indegogo, a popular crowdsourcing website and wasn’t funded by any large companies. This desk was independently made for the average worker and school-goer in mind. The desk managed to make over $200,000 with 425 backers, which is why we even got the privilege to have this Autonomous desk review. It’s a new product and it’s something that might make a presence in the market if it goes well.

Height Adjustable – This is the best feature of the Autonomous Smart Desk overall. The height is completely adjustable and if you want to adjust the height, it can be done with the touch of a button. The best thing about it is, it's run by a single motor. The motor of the desk is relatively powerful for a desk motor but it’s also silent, so you won’t hear a peep out of the desk when you’re moving it up and down. 

Autonomous SmartDesk review

Using a standing desk is not as healthy as it was once thought to be. Instead the healthiest option is to stand at sit at regular intervals over the course of the day. Having one that can adjust the height on the fly means you can seamlessly go from standing to sitting. No fuss means you are likely to use it as it is meant to be and get the most health benefits from it.

Keypad Input – With Autonomous Smart Desk, you don’t have to do any kind of programming or complicated gestures to move the desk up and down, all you have to do is simply press a button on a keypad to make the magic happen. It’s fast, instant and the motor never seems to get worn out from what we’ve seen. The motor should be able to last you for years without any issues, even if the desk gets daily use. 

Making this a quick procedure means that you will actually use it as intended. When something becomes a chore to use, then it is like not having that benefit at all. With the click of a button, you can have your desk where you want it in a matter of seconds.

Heavyweight Construction Material – The frame used in the base of this desk and to keep it standing tall and high is heavyweight steel. This is why the motor included had to be so powerful, because for the size of the motor, it had to have enough power to help lift a steel frame up and down at an instant without hesitation. The material used is extremely heavy duty and will ensure that your desk can withstand extreme amounts of pressure or weight. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s the overall size of this Autonomous desk?

While the desk isn’t really large, it’s not really small either. It’s a moderately sized desk that falls slightly short of large. It can definitely fit in an office or a dorm room without taking up too much space. The dimensions of the desk are 53 inches by 30 inches by 46 inches, so it’s not too bad and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a room for it.

What are the height differences of the lowest and highest point?

When the desk is sat at the lowest possible point that it can be sat at 28 inches from the ground. If you want to raise it to the most maximum capacity height possible, it can be raised up to 46 inches but that’s not a common setting and it can rise up at 1 and a half inches per second when the motor is running.

Is this easy to assemble?

If you read the instructions well before you start the assembly, it will be very easy. Give yourself about an hour and go methodically. Everything screws together firmly. Since this does not contain a table top, you may need to drill some holes into whatever top you buy. Just keep that in mind.

What’s the benefit of having Autonomous desk?

The founder of Autonomous Smart Desk, named Duy Huynh said that he wanted to create a desk that helped reduce the bad habit of sitting down for a long period of time as there are numerous health risks associated with doing that. At the same time, standing for hours at a time can damage your back and knees, so it helps to sit occasionally. Having an adjustable desk makes it ideal as you can do both.



This is a desk that you have to get a feeling for because not everyone’s going to like it and not everyone’s going to want a desk that can go up or down but for people who want something different and want to be a little more proactive when they’re at the computer, then this is a pretty good desk for you. It’s a great purchase for any room and it’s an affordable desk at that.  

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