Bonum Executive 500 Lb Capacity Office Chair Review

This executive heavy-duty 500 Lb capacity office chair is one of the most padded big, tall chairs we’ve ever seen. There’s no cut-off and no seam has been left untouched, as padding even runs up the shoulders where most chairs typically cut the padding off. There are dual layers of thick cushioning which are supported by a high-quality bonding leather.

The contours and supports on this chair are entirely built to one ergonomic function or another. They’re designed to provide support to certain crucial spots to take the weight off the parts of your body that are usually stressed to their limits when you spend long hours in an office chair. Even though it does have a waterfall type seat edge, this office chair provides adequate padding to elevate your knees and prevent your legs from cramping or losing ideal circulation. The upholstery is also designed to keep perspiration down, by providing a softer, more breathable layer in between the cushion and your back. It’s definitely one of the more comfortable chairs, as far as big and tall chairs 500lbs go.  

​This chair only comes in the color black but the overall look could work in any kind of office setting. We also suppose this could be an excellent gaming chair as well. This chair is classified as a deluxe quality chair but you don’t have to pay a deluxe price, with the chair being under $250 at the time of writing this review. ( Date 6th June 2018)

This chair has an executive look and a premium feel. It’s rather obvious that it isn’t a luxury chair, but it clearly looks like it belongs in the high-end section of an office furniture shop. You’ve got a lot of quality in the upholstery and the padding. The ergonomic design is specially tailored towards larger folks and taller backs. The best part about it is that there’s enough resistance to the recliner spring that it gives you a satisfying amount of leverage when you lean into it and relax. It’s a welcome addition, especially on big and tall chairs 500lbs.

This chair is made by a company called BONUM and while we’re not too familiar with this company, they’ve produced a lot of executive quality office big and tall chairs 500lbs and that seems to be their main area of expertise with many of the chairs being well reviewed. This chair was made to make a statement in the office and its super heavy duty, supporting up to 500 pounds.

It features a stainless steel frame that is built to withstand serious amounts of stress without showing any signs of degeneration or wear. The base is a mix of steel, heavy-duty plastic and aluminum, which is great when you want a bit of visual pizazz along with the stronger parts. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of adjustability; it does feature the basics. The adjustable moving parts are all made to withstand a lot of stress. The casters on this particular model are limited to hard floors and might prove troublesome if they’re used on soft carpeting. Using this chair on a shag carpet – without changing the casters – will leave you with a knotted mess in your wheels and a difficult time getting them out. We recommend swapping the casters for carpet casters which are widely available and support this chair’s universal caster socket.

  • ​Has a 500-pound capacity to hold almost every human being on the planet and this chair is made big & tall for people over 6’ tall
  • ​The bonded leather material is made with a high-durability finishing touch that not only gives it a glossy look but makes the material tough to boot
  • ​Additions made specifically for comfort are added to the chair such as the lumbar support to help support your lower back
  • ​The seat adjustment can range up to 20 inches, which is more than most chairs allow for that support this kind of weight

​Bonum Executive Office Chair


  • ​Comes with several adjustable knobs to make adjusting the chair a breeze, whether it’s height or tilt position
  • ​Breathable bonded leather means it's not only touching and puncture resistant but it’s also resistant to annoying spills and stains as well
  • Extra thick padding on the armrests help relax your arms and elbows, which seem to be a feature lacking in a lot of other office big, tall chairs 500lbs
  • ​Assembly is made super easy with all the necessary tools included and easy step by step instructions so that people who have never assembled a chair before can follow them
  • Can double up as a gaming chair and remains comfortable for an entire shift of relaxation with breathable foam cushioning


  • ​As noted by some users and this is probably why the price is so low, this product isn’t made in America

​What You’ll Get from This Office Chair 

The 500 Lb capacity chair offers a total relaxation experience that’s offered by many other big and tall chairs for a high-end luxurious price but this chair cost less than $205 (as of June 3, 2018). The rocking motion is smooth so you can find your perfect relaxation position in peace without bothering anyone around you and making a lot of noise. You’ll get an ultimate relaxation experience and you’ll get the feeling of sitting in the boss’s chair when you sit down. You might even make some people around the office jealous or think you’re making far more money than they are. It has a great look and a great feel to it that we’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy.


I had my doubts when I find out it was made in China and I wasn’t really a fan of the weld job done on the chair but it’s definitely surpassed my expectations. It’s one of the most comfortable big, tall chairs 500lbs I’ve ever had and granted I’ve only had it for a couple of months, I can’t see myself going back to another chair anytime soon.

I really wish I had found this chair before spending nearly a couple thousand dollars on other chairs that claimed to be of the same level of quality of this chair. I could’ve saved so much money getting this chair right from the get-go and I wouldn’t have had to deal with the hassle of sending the other chairs back. BONUM is a wonderful company and I’ve had nothing but a pleasant experience with them.

​What to Watch Out For

​BONUM might be somewhat of a newer company but that hasn’t stopped competitors or even knock-off brands from trying to mimic this chair or sell an outright false product claiming to be the BONUM Executive Office Chair. As we say all the time, always be on the lookout for fakes, read reviews thoroughly and make sure you’re buying directly from the source, which in this case, would be BONUM. They’re a great company and all of their products are well reviewed by real customers, so they have no reason to lie to people.

Their Amazon seller page is a good place to start looking for their products. Some sellers do try to imitate even that. The best way to figure out if the product is legitimate is to review the seller page for the other products that are sold. If something looks a little out of the ordinary, leave the page as that seller is likely a fake. The best BONUM products are always found on their web store, but some older, discontinued products are still floating around the market with other retailers. There isn’t much of a way to deduct if these are legit, other than by reading reviews by people who have already bought them.

​Buying Advice

When you’re looking to make a purchase, be on the lookout for promotion as BONUM often does promotional purchases with their products. It’s hard to tell what they offer or when they come up as they do seem to be random but at the time of writing this review, they’re offering a discount when you purchase multiple of their big, tall chairs. Amazon is the best place to get this chair. You’ll save the most money, you’ll get the chair quicker and you can rest assured it’s coming from BONUM.

This really is the perfect opportunity to outfit a small office or a put in a bulk order for many pieces. BONUM doesn’t often provide discounts on single units, but it does tend to happen towards the end of the year. If you want to grab one and you notice that it’s on sale: don’t hesitate for even a second!



For those people who are looking for something that’s relaxing but can’t seem to find a chair that will fit their size, this chair fits all. It fits big and small alike. The lumbar pillow is a nice touch and great for the office environment because many people don’t realize how much stress you put on your body when you’re sitting down most of the day. The extra thick cushion, padding, and accessories this chair offer help to alleviate that stress and it’s a great gaming chair as well. The reviews for the chair have been absolutely solid with little to no complaints, excluding that it was made in China. We don’t know how long the price will last, so if you’re looking for an executive luxury 500 Lb capacity office chair for under low $XXX, we’d recommend snagging this chair up fast.

You get an incredible amount of functionality for the price of a cheaper chair. Keep in mind that you are going to be spending a lot of time in this chair, so making a choice you’re comfortable with is the real priority here. Still, at these prices, we think that this BONUM chair is an absolute steal and is one of the better heavy-duty budget office chairs that are currently on the market.

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