DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Racing Bucket Seat Chair Review

DXRacer is well-known as one of the most innovative game chair companies around. They created the popular style that is known as the racing style gaming chair. But now there are plenty of imitators, and some of them come in at much more reasonable prices. So we wanted to check out a few offerings from the original DXRacer and see if they’re worth the extra cost.

DXRacer computer chairs are known for their high backs that offer full spinal support. This is definitely a change from the old office chairs that end at or below the shoulders. The idea behind the high back design is to provide better posture and support so that you can work and play longer in your office chair. DXRacer has especially cornered the market on chairs that allow gamers to play for longer hours.

In fact, the DXRacer company original made seats for luxury sports cars. That should tell you something about the level of luxury they are bringing to the gaming world. But we’re not here to tell you whether the name DXRacer means something about quality. Take a look at the features we reviewed and find out for yourself whether the DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Racing Bucket Seat will improve your gaming experience.

Features of the DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Gaming Chair

DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE

You expect high-quality design and materials from DXRacer, and this chair doesn’t disappoint. Here are the included features.

  • Ergonomic design with included headrest and lumbar support cushion for adjustable comfort

  • Race car seat design made of breathable material

  • Extra high backrest, to provide full spinal support

  • Sturdy armrests that don’t wobble and provide shoulder and wrist support

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and a 24-month warranty on all parts

  • Gas spring base to adjust seat height

  • Caster wheels

  • Tilt mechanism

The seat on the DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Racing Bucket Seat is 21 inches deep, and the backrest is 23 inches wide, giving a decent amount of room for many gamers. In the package, the chair is about 49 pounds. DXRacer manufactures all of their chairs under strict guidelines, so you know that you’ll get what you’re offered from their game chairs.


We would definitely recommend this chair for the ultimate gaming experience. It has a lot of the features that we typically look for in a high-quality racing style chair. Here’s what we found.

  • The breathable seat material helps you stay cool and prevents skin sticking to the chair, unlike some cheaper chair materials

  • Extremely comfortable padding and support is good for long hours of gaming, work, or studying

  • Easy to assemble

  • Excellent customer service

  • Comes with a good warranty

Warranties are one of those items that are difficult to find with some of the less expensive racing style gaming chairs. So yes, you may pay a bit more for a DXRacer, but you get that value back in having a warranty for any issues that may come up. They cover both the frame and the parts, so if a caster or armrest breaks, you can get a replacement.


Even a premier brand like DXRacer has room for improvement, and every chair is different. Here are the downsides to the DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Racing Bucket Seat.

  • The armrests are not adjustable

  • Not good for large or tall gamers

  • Somewhat expensive

We see a lot of computer chairs in this style that don’t have adjustable armrests. So the bigger disadvantage to this chair is the small weight capacity. It only holds up to 180 pounds, and it’s ideally designed for gamers around 150 pounds or less if you want to get the longest use from it.

FAQ about DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Racing Bucket Seat

Let’s delve a little deeper into what the features are and what they mean for you when considering a gaming chair to purchase. Knowing the features and dimensions doesn’t necessarily answer your practical questions about how the chair functions when it’s actually in use in a gaming space. These the the questions most asked about this DXRacer gaming chair.

Is this a good chair for tall people?

Unfortunately not. This particular DXRacer chair is better suited to gamers of average height. But DXRacer does make many other chairs that are suitable for taller people.

Does this chair support heavier gamers?

The chair is not really made for supporting bigger gamers. The weight capacity is 180 pounds, but the company doesn’t really recommend this chair for people weighing more than 150 pounds. It’s better to purchase a chair that meets your height and weight requirements so that it lasts for the long-term.

Buying a chair made for smaller gamers will cause the chair to wear out quickly. That being said, it would make a great chair for a high school or college aged gamer, as well as lighter weight adults.

Does the backrest recline?

The backrest on this particular model doesn’t recline, but it is somewhat flexible, so you can lean back in it to relax.

Is it difficult to assemble the chair?

Assembly is simple. The chair comes with an Allen wrench, which is the only tool you need to put it together. Everything is screwed together in less than half an hour.

What materials is this chair made of?

The seat cover and backrest are covered in strong mesh, PU leather, and nylon. The mesh and nylon make this chair comfortable and breathable, preventing a buildup of sweat when you sit for a long time.

How the DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NE Racing Bucket Seat compares to other racing chairs

DXRacer offers a full line of racing style computer gaming chairs. This makes DXRacer stand out from other companies that may sell a good chair, but not the variety of chairs for individual gamers’ specific needs and desires. Now that you know all about the DXRacer Origin Series chair, here are a couple of chairs from their Formula Series to compare with.

The DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Gaming Chair is designed for slightly larger gamers than the Origin series chair. So if you were disappointed in the height and weight capacities, then no worries. DXRacer has a chair that works for you too.

The DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Gaming Chair also has adjustable armrests, and a footrest if those features are important to you. If you hover between the size specifications in your height and weight, then you may want to go with the chair that matches the other features you want most. If you don’t need those extra features and the Origin Series Gaming Chair fits your size, then you may prefer the price tag on the Origin Series, which is slightly less expensive than DXRacer’s other chairs. In fact, it’s their most inexpensive option.

Another Formula Series chair is the DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NW Newedge Edition Gaming Chair. Like the other DXRacer chair in the Formula Series, this chair is slightly more expensive and comes with adjustable armrests and a higher weight and height capacity. An added feature of the DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NW Newedge Edition Gaming Chair is that it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


Whatever size and features you need, all the DXRacer chairs come with excellent warranties and high quality materials. It is super important, however, to get the chair that fits you. Don’t go with a less expensive model if you know the weight capacity doesn’t match with your size. Getting a chair that fits you properly means your body will be more comfortable and the chair will last longer, actually saving you money in the long run.

Overall, this is an excellent chair for teen and young adult gamers. You get a great price, high quality, and the backing of a well-known brand that will answer your questions and replace broken parts.

  • 7.5/10
    Design - 7.5/10
  • 9/10
    Comfort - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Durability - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Strength - 9/10