VON RACER Chair Review

While sporting the KILLABEE logo, the VANRACER Racing Style Gaming Chair offers a rounded and unique look for a relatively affordable price in the gaming chair market. This is an ergonomically designed chair with customizable arms and a round top shape where the headrest is to support your shoulders. 

VON RACER Chair is for people who are looking for a gaming chair that comes with a unique design, not like every other gaming chair out on the market right now that seems to follow the standard design pattern. The metallic frame, the integrity of the chair and the pricing point makes this chair seem almost like a steal. Is it? We got one to find out. 

The VON RACER Gaming Chair from VON RACER is an all-in-one style of gaming chair that’s great for the office or the home environment.

  • The arms flip up, so you can move them out of your way completely if you don’t want to use them
  • The back is covered with extra padding, so you get a more relaxing experience when you lean back into the chair from the low back, to mid back and even to the high back
  • The structure of the chair was made with solid framing materials, which allows the chair to hold up to 250 pounds maximum
  • Has a 1-year warranty attached to the chair should you run into any problems with the chair, backed by a free of charge replacement guarantee by VANRACER

VON RACER Racing Style Gaming Chair

VON RACER Racing Style Gaming Chair - Flip-Up Arms Ergonomic Leather & Mesh Computer Desk Office Chair (Blue-9016)


    • Extra padded arms allow you to relax your arms comfortably on the armrests and if you don’t want the armrests in your way, you can simply flip them up
    • Has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, thanks to the explosion proof spring and the metallic tubing material in the construction
    • The design and padding were made to hug every angle and curve of your body, to ensure every part of you is well relaxed
    • A noise free swivel and tilt mechanic allows you to relax in different positions without the unsightly noises that come with a lot of other gaming chairs


  • The chair isn’t particularly soft for the first couple of days you have the chair, while you get used to the cushioning and the foam settles in


It looks a lot cooler in person. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the price but when I got it and after I installed the chair, it not only looks luxurious but it’s rather comfortable. I’m more than satisfied and I really hope this chair lasts me for a few years before I have to splurge for another one. It’s only been a couple of months so far, but I’m 100% happy!

I’ve only had the chair for a week and it was bought for me as a birthday gift. I had someone help me install it because I’m terrible at these things and once it was up and running, all was well. I sat down, it was far more comfortable than any chair I’d ever sat in and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking for an affordable comforting experience.

What You’ll Get from This Gaming Chair 

With a relatively lengthy back height and wide base of the chair, people of all sizes and heights can enjoy the chair comfortably without worrying whether or not it will be a good fit for them. You’ll get a smooth seating experience thanks to the base of the chair which spreads the weight evenly across the floor below the castors. You’ll also receive excellent 24/7 after sales support directly from the VANRACER company, which has been more than superb from our experience working with them. You won’t get an experience like this from many other companies on the market right now, as most of them just sell you the chair and they’re gone.

There's some good stability thanks to the integrated metal frame that can handle up to 250 pounds, and the wide 5 point base. An explosion proof gas spring system lasts a long time which is good news for larger gamers out there.

What to Watch Out For

Look out for impostors or people trying to pass their knock-off products as the VON RACER gaming chair. The exact dimensions of the VON RACER chair are 20.1 inches by 18.1 inches for the seating and 20.1 inches by 27.6 inches for the backrest. It’s not the largest chair out there on the market but it’s relatively large enough to easily support almost anyone of any body type. KILLABEE and VON RACER gaming chair both have a lot of people out there trying to sell their products as their own, so make sure the logo and manufacturer says KILLABEE or VON RACER Chair. 

​Buying Advice

Amazon is the best place to purchase this product as of right now. It works with Prime and it ships super quick, so you won’t have to wait for weeks to get it. Also, you get free shipping with this product as well when you order directly from Amazon. At the time of writing this, it’s low $XXX and some of the gaming chairs out there that cost several hundred dollars don’t even offer free shipping. 

A one year warranty on the parts will give you some peace of mind in case of some wear and tear on parts that should last longer.  Just send a message to the manufacturer and tell them what part it is and they will send out a replacement free of charge. It's up to you to replace it yourself when it arrives, however.

Flip up armrests, height adjustment, seat back recline control and 360-degree swivel all add up to providing some real bang for the buck considering the low price for this VON RACER chair. With regards to the armrests, they are some of the most comfortable of the chairs that we have reviewed.

They have a nice padding and are covered with the same soft material as the backrest and seat.



While this chair may not be the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat in, it’s more than comfortable to hold up for several years or maybe even more. It’s durable, it’s well built and it’s sold for a great price. VON RACER is a great company that we’ve had a lot of positive reviews with and we can’t recommend this VON RACER Chair enough if you’re on a budget. Make sure to act fast, because we don’t know how fast these chairs will be flying out the door.

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  • 9.7/10
    Design - 9.7/10
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    Comfort - 8.8/10
  • 8.4/10
    Durability - 8.4/10
  • 9.6/10
    Strength - 9.6/10

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