WENSIX Chair Review: The Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The WENSIX Gaming Chair with an ultra high back resting area is a sophisticated chair for a non-sophisticated price. Coming with a lavish black and white design that leaves no area of the chair bland, it looks great in any kind of décor. The cushion on the base of the WENSIX Chair looks rather thick and everything looks highly customizable, so there was no reason not to give this WENSIX Gaming Chair a proper and in-depth review. 

We wanted to find if overall, WENSIX chair was capable of providing high-quality gaming chairs in a market that’s flooded with thousands of chairs.


We’re a little torn on the design for one reason: The out of place red stripe that’s in the middle of the back. We’re not sure why that’s there as there’s really no indication of red anywhere near the logo or the brand for that matter. However, the overall design of WENSIX Chair is pretty lavish and looks great. The way the colors curve and meet at the seams is excellent and everything was pretty well done, including the wheel base and the cushioning, which has separate colors as well. Overall, the design is well done on the chair and the only thing we couldn’t figure out is why they added that random red stripe on the chair.


This WENSIX Gaming Chair has a pretty wide base so we weren’t overly concerned with the durability of the chair. The chair supports a maximum of 300 pounds and has pretty firm but wide armrests as well. The overall durability of the chair looks like it’s made to last, which includes a really high sitting backrest to help even out the pressure on your entire body when you’re leaning back in the chair. The extra cushioning on the base of the chair where your rear area will be seated is extra thick and soft to the touch.


Overall comfort is superb and we’d give the WENSIX Gaming Chair 6 stars out of 5 in this area if we could. There’s no area left to the imagination when it comes to comfort with this chair. We felt pretty good seated in it and it felt as if all of the weight was being well distributed into every area of the chair, so we didn’t feel sore anywhere or feel like there was too much pressure on one area. In that area, we give this WENSIX Chair an excellent rating and even the wheel base is comfortable to rest your feet on with the nice padding of the base.

The padding on the armrests is nice and wide which looks nice and gives an added layer of comfort. Many gaming chairs have too narrow armrests, so it comes as a nice surprise to have enough space to rest your arms.

A padded headrest, adjustable lumbar pillow and a high backrest all add up to comfort that will keep you in the WENSIX Chair longer to keep your gaming session going. Nobody likes to have to cut short their game because they just can't sit in the chair anymore. 

WENSIX Ergonomic Gaming Chair

WENSIX Ergonomic gaming chair


    • The back of the chair and the design allows it to hug your body and allows it to fully support maximum airflow around your body, keeping you cool and comfortable
    • The footrest is easily pulled out on the chair, which allows you to rest your feet so they don’t have to sit on the wheels or the ground
    • The maximum capacity of WENSIX Gaming Chair supports up to 300 pounds, which allows for larger customers to enjoy the chair


  • The assembly can be a bit of a task-taking and it can take a little bit to get it together

Features of the WENSIX Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Hugging High-Design – The design of WENSIX Chair was made specifically for hugging the back and the higher-end portion of the customer. This means, that your problem areas such as your mid-back and your high-back won’t have any issues when you’re sitting this chair whatsoever. It’s meant to provide maximum comfort and relief when you’re laying back into the chair and this design allows it to do just that.

Resting Areas – This WENSIX Chair includes a lot of resting areas that other chairs won’t include such as not only the headrest, but the lumbar area and the elbows as well. Every inch of your body will be fully supported and rested as you lay back into this chair. Also, the footrest is another nice tough and while not a lot of people rest their feet on their gaming chair, you might just start once you try this chair out. The footrests feel firm and comfortable to rest on.

Backwards Movement – The angle that this WENSIX Chair can recline is up to 180 degrees, which is superb and great for people who just want to lay back and take a nap. It’s definitely not a complaint area for us and it has a nice 360 degree swivel capability as well. So, no matter where you want to turn the chair or where you want to roll around, this chair will do it without effort.

Warranty – Thankfully, if you have any kind of problems whatsoever, WENSIX Chair and the company offers a 30 day warranty with absolutely no questions asked. Why? Because no one ever has to use it and the WENSIX Chair is made with premium quality. If you need to send the chair back or want a refund, WENSIX will give you that for free without any hassle.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I rock and tilt in this chair?

Not only can you recline in WENSIX Chair, but you can also easily recline and rock in this chair as well. The tilting mechanism is strong and allows people to tilt, lean or rock however they want without worrying about breaking the chair or wearing down the base.

How high up are the armrests?

On this particular chair, the armrests go up to 29 and a half inches, so you might have to do a little adjustment if you need them to go below or above 29 inches from the floor.

What is the weight limit?

The official weight capacity is 300 pounds. This makes it a good option for bigger gamers, but keep in mind that the seat might be narrow for those pushing the upper limits for weight. The width of the seat is 20.8 inches wide and 18.7 inches deep.

How hard is it to assemble?

One person can easily set this up in less than 30 minutes. Most of the chair comes already assembled. No special tools are needed. The back rest is a bit heavy and it can be tricky to maneuver it onto the base when you are alone. That is the only potentially difficult part of the assembly.

​Buying Advice

​This Big Joe chair and others are usually best bought on Amazon, because of their low prices, their tremendous reviews, and their fast shipping. There are other places where you can obtain these chairs but you may not get the same guaranteed quality or the same product, which is why we recommend ordering explicitly from Amazon. They’re also sold directly from the USA and even filled in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy shipping period from another country when you order. However, you do have to buy your own refill beans if you ever need to.

Set up is very easy. The Big Joe Aloha Chair is all self-contained within the box it arrives in. It comes compressed, so once you take it out of the bag you will need to fluff it up as much as possible. Give it 7 to 10 days to come to its full size. Yes, this is quite a long time to wait, but the premium fill is different than typical memory foam and needs more time to come to its proper size. Your patience will be rewarded with one of the most comfortable bean bag chairs on the market.

The filling is made with special foam peanuts called UltimaX and will conform to your body. The individual beans will pop right back into shape once you get up, but since they are small, they will need to be fluffed up occasionally to get the chair back to where you like it.​



The WENSIX Chair is a sold investment and a great chair for anyone who’s looking for something that isn’t going to tackle your bank and last for a long time to come. This chair is a great chair and we really loved the comfort level that it provided us while testing it out. It was really smooth, the motion was fluid, it was easy to customize and it’s one of those easy chairs that we recommend to everyone or at least recommend that you try out.

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Editor's Review
  • 7.9/10
    Design - 7.9/10
  • 9.6/10
    Comfort - 9.6/10
  • 8.4/10
    Durability - 8.4/10
  • 7.9/10
    Strength - 7.9/10

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  1. I have a problem with my chair with the footrest. A few months back, the plastic holders for the footrest broke and I’m trying to find replacements for them. I tried to see if I can get the footrest holders without buying additional products with it, and I have no luck.

    And I’m hoping if I could find somewhere to get the part without buying another chair.

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